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Pubs & Restaurants

At Herts Pro Wash we recognise the critical role cleanliness plays in the hospitality sector.

Our comprehensive pressure washer cleaning services extend throughout Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, ensuring that your establishment presents the best possible image to your customers and patrons.


Why Pressure Washing is Essential for Pubs and Restaurants

The exterior of your venue is the first point of contact with customers. A well-maintained front of house, clean walkways, and tidy outdoor dining and drinking areas are not only crucial for making a good first impression but are also pivotal for health and safety standards. With the potential for plenty of food and sticky drinks to be spilt on outdoor surfaces, our pressure washing services effectively clean and remove all mess and dirt, maintaining an inviting and professional appearance.


Our Pub and Restaurant Pressure Washer Cleaning Services include:

  • Outdoor Dining Areas: Ensuring a pleasant dining experience with spotless tables, chairs, and floors.
  • Walkways and Entries: Creating a safe and clean entry for guests free from slip hazards.
  • Parking Lots: Providing a welcoming and orderly first impression with clean parking facilities.
  • Facade Cleaning: Enhancing your kerb appeal with a pristine exterior that reflects the quality of your establishment.


Custom Cleaning Plans for Your Business

Each venue has its unique challenges and layout; we collaborate with you to create a cleaning schedule that minimises disruption to your business operations, focusing on times when your pub or restaurant is closed or less busy.


Why pick Herts Pro Wash to clean your pub or restaurant?

  • Health and Safety: We understand the health codes and safety regulations that govern the food service industry and ensure that our cleaning services comply with all standards.
  • Quality and Efficiency: Our experienced team uses state-of-the-art equipment to deliver a high-quality clean in an efficient manner.
  • Tailored to Hospitality: We offer cleaning solutions designed to address the high-traffic nature of pubs and restaurants.


Clean Your Hospitality Business with Herts Pro Wash

For pubs and restaurants that aim to excel in customer satisfaction and hygiene, Herts Pro Wash is your partner in maintaining an immaculate environment. Contact us today to arrange no obligation free quote tailored to your specific needs.